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Active Recreation

Bicycle Riding, Skiing, Water-Tours and Hot-air Balloon Rides - this is also Tokaj!


A true Paradise for the enthusiasts of active recreation

Rivers Tisza and Bodrog are truly an ecological highway! Foreshores, flood-basins, dead channels and the rich flora and fauna connected to it, are a perfect destination for the lovers of active tourism. Water-tour routes of the two rivers, fishing and hunting areas abound in fish and game offer magnificent programs to hobby tourists. Visitors looking for adventure, birding, bicycle riding or a swim and sun-bathing will certainly have an unforgettable time. 

Sunshine, Water, Sand….

A swim in the Tisza, the vast river-side meadows suitable for sun-bathing, open-air showers, water-cycling, kayak and canoe renting are all in favor of a pleasant experience, while sports-men may play a game of soccer on the sandy football ground.




A bicycle ride... another way to rove the settlements of Tokaj-hegyalja and the Tisza river shore – those undertaking the two-day tour are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime. Fine bicycle routes run along the shores of the Tisza, wile river-damns are perfect view-points for observing nature. 

The bicycle tour may as well be combined with a boat tour, as bicycles are also allowed on-board the ferries and boats. No training or special equipment is necessary to take a ride along the plain Tisza river-damn. Bikes are also available for rent at tourist centers, along with all equipment, helmets and child-seats. 


Gliding, Skiing on Tokaj's Kopasz ("Bare") Mountain... 

In clear weather during the Summer, gliders in all colors taking off from the Kopasz mountain provide an impressive view, while during Winter - when snow is plenty - an excellent ski-slope with cable-car awaits visitors.